InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal Review

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insinkerator evolution cover controlInSinkErator Evolution Cover Control 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal Review

Whether you are redoing your entire kitchen or just in the market to upgrade your current kitchen appliances, adding or upgrading a garbage disposal to high-end model will save you a lot of trouble. The convenience and sanitation that a food waste disposer offers is well worth the small price tag. Not to mention, replacing an older model that is unreliable or doesn’t do its job effectively or efficiently is going to save you a headache every time you go to use your new disposal.

If you are wondering which model to choose and what features to look at, you need to consider the InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control model. InSinkErator has built more than 100 million garbage disposal units in its lifetime, and the knowledge and expertise that they’ve gained has been perfected and put into the Evolution Series. The Cover Control model is part of the Evolution series so is bound to be reliable as well as effective and efficient.

Motor Power & Performance

The InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control garbage disposal features a ¾ Horsepower induction motor that will truly make quick work of any type of food waste from raw vegetables, to coffee grinds, to even chicken and rib bones. The Multi-Grind feature puts the food waste through two grind stages in order to liquefy the waste into tiny particles, much smaller than what traditional or standard garbage disposal produce making it easier on your plumbing and the environment.

With a high HP motor and 1725 RPM, you can grind more types of food waste quicker and easier, eliminating clogging and blockage of pipes. This unit can handle a large load of food waste so is a perfect option for busy, cooking households or larger families.

Feed Type

The Cover Control unit is a batch feed garbage disposal which means you are getting the highest standard of safety. The unit is activated by the magnetic CoverStart switch which means it’s only able to operate when the cover is on, keeping little fingers, silverware, and other objects safe from the grinding unit. If you tend to have nightmares of dropping your ring or other valuables down the garbage disposal only to fear sticking your hand down there to retrieve it, have no fear anymore. Without the lid on, the machine will not operate, giving you a peace of mind.

Materials & Components

If you’ve ever had a food waste disposer unit rust out or corrode after a few years only to stop working right when you need it to handle a big holiday party cooking marathon, you know how important choosing a well-built, quality garbage disposal is. Even with extremely easy installation, no one wants to be left without access to their garbage disposal when they use it on a regular basis.

Luckily, the ISE Evolution Cover Control features a stainless steel grinding chamber and grinding components which means the unit is rust and corrosion resistant and will last for years to come. No need to worry about how long this unit will last, many customers have had their for years with no problems to report.


One of the best features of the InSinkErator Evolution series is the use of SoundSeal technology. SoundSeal technology utilizes an Anti-Vibration Mount®, an Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount™, and Quiet Collar® Sink Baffle, along with SoundLimiter™ insulation which reduces the noise level of the running garbage disposal by up to 60% compared to standard models.

If you’ve owned an older model disposal, you will really appreciate the quiet operation. You will actually be able to hold a conversation at the same time that you use your disposal unit, not to mention little bundles of joy will not be disturb or awaken from a nap should you choose to use the unit while they are sound asleep. That feature alone makes this unit priceless.


InSinkErator has literally thought of everything with the Evolution series. They know that hiring a professional to install appliances can be expensive and time consuming since you sometimes need to schedule appointments weeks in advance and probably take time off of work to meet the plumber. With the stainless steel QuickLock mounting system that is featured on the Evolution series, you will literally have this unit up and running in no time.

Dimensions & Capacity

The unit is 13 1/3” inches tall so it can easily fit into cabinetry where space is at a premium, and it only weighs in at 23.5 pounds which means you can maneuver with little issue on your own while you install it. The Cover Control unit also features one of the largest grinding chamber capacities currently available on the market. This unit will effectively hold 40 oz of food waste per batch which will make quick work of a large amount of leftovers, potato peels, fruit rinds and more.


If you expect the highest quality and effectiveness from your garbage disposal, you won’t get much better than the ISE Evolution series. With the high quality materials, innovative design, and the well-reputable manufacturer, investing in the ISE Evolution Cover Control garbage disposal will deliver exactly what you need, when you need it. Here’s a look at the specs and features of this particular model.

Horsepower:                                     3/4 HP

Motor:                                                  1725 RPM

Power Cord:                                       None Included

Feed:                                                    Batch Feed for the highest level of safety

Operation Requirements:                 120 volts, 60 Hertz, and 8.1 current-amps

Septic System Safe:                      No

Warranty:                                            7 year parts and service warranty

Even though the ¾ HP isn’t the highest available on the market, the unit still makes quick and easy work of even the toughest of food waste thanks to the two-stage grinding operation. Food waste will literally be liquefied so it can flow easily down your pipes and plumbing without causing clogging or blockages.

If you want the highest level of safety, a batch feed garbage disposal is the way to go. Protect your hands, silverware, and other items that may fall into the disposal unit from the grinding gear and ensure that the unit cannot be overloaded with food waste thanks to the magnetic cover operation.

InSinkErator also offers a 7 year warranty or parts and services should you find something happens to your unit within 7 years of the purchase date. Even if you never use the warranty, knowing that it’s there in case you need it is enough to give you the peace of mind you need.

What’s Included

In the box, you will find InSinkErator® Evolution Cover Control® Food Waste Disposer, Quick Lock® Sink Mount, Quiet Collar® Sink Baffle, Jam-Buster™ Wrench, Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount™, Anti-Vibration Mount®, Stainless Steel Sink Stopper, Spring Type Hose Clamp, and installation instructions.

Optional Accessories

While the Cover Control unit works quite efficiently and effectively on its own, InSinkErator does offer a number of optional accessories you can purchase if you find yourself in need of some bonus features. Take a look at what they have to offer to complement this garbage disposal unit:
Custom Color Sink Stoppers
Dishwasher Connector Kit
Flexible Discharge Tube
Jam-Buster™ Wrench
Power Cord Kit
Quick Lock® Mount
Quiet Collar Sink Baffle
Sink Flanges
SinkTop Switch™


The ISE Cover Control garbage disposal works quite well and out performs many on the market. The ability to send the food through an extra grinding stage which will practically liquefy the food makes this unit worth the money. Your plumbing will thank you, and so will the environment.

If you don’t want to worry about hardwiring your unit into your current electrical system, a batch feed model is perfect. By closing and locking the lid into place, your unit will automatically begin grinding. This can save a lot of time and headaches for people who are not familiar with wiring, or don’t want to tear their wall apart to figure out how to power the system.

Another great feature of this model is the whisper quiet operation. Customers have been shocked to use the unit only to find out you can barely hear it. This will be a relief to ears who have had to listen to garbage disposal units that sound like small planes coming in for a landing in your kitchen.


There is hardly a bad thing to say about the ISE Evolution Cover Control model. The biggest issue a few people faced was that it did not fit their sink and therefore caused the owners to spend more money on buying an extra-long sink flange just to get the unit to install properly. Cast iron sinks are what seem to have caused to problem so if you do own a cast iron sink, it will be well worth it to call the manufacturer before you make a purchase to see if it will properly fit in your sink.

Consumer Reviews

Customers were overall very happy with this product, giving it a great score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Over 80% of customers gave it perfect scores and said they would definitely recommend this unit to anyone who was in the market for a batch feed garbage disposal. With the 7 year warranty and a number of great reviews, you’ll be sure to get the most out of the ISE Evolution Cover Control system. If you’d like to read some customer comments to see if this model is perfect for you, check here


The Evolution series by InSinkErator is a high-end line of garbage disposals that performs more effectively and efficiently than most standard models. With that said, the price does reflect this. You will, however, be assured that the unit will work as good if not better than you expect and the longevity of the unit makes it worth every penny. Amazon always has great deals on appliances and at last check also had the lowest price for the Evolution Cover Control garbage disposal unit.

If you’d like to check what the of the InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control price is today, check here

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